The mission of the Puerto Rico Venture Forum is to foster the convergence of entrepreneurship and private equity investing by showcasing and celebrating the efforts and accomplishments of our aspiring and already successful entrepreneurs.

Our annual conference looks to foster, promote and develop a market for private equity in Puerto Rico together with a rapidly growing community of global entrepreneurs. It also provides the EnterPRize finalists and GVA participants the opportunity to present their business plans, providing the venture support community a chance to witness and embrace the naissance of these local new ventures.

The Conference has become an important business scenario where nationally and internationally successful and recognized entrepreneurs have presented their stories. Our Keynote Speakers are prominent members of the Entrepreneurial and Private Equity community sharing their insights and perspectives on the opportunities and challenges of building a vibrant entrepreneurial and professional private equity marketplace. Participants discuss the key issues and challenges entrepreneurs and private equity investors are facing and use the events to create lasting relationships in our ecosystem. In addition, a series of breakout panels and seminars are organized to provide them with the opportunity to focus on specialized issues of interest to them.

Conference attendees witness the next generation of entrepreneurial talent in Puerto Rico as well as to network with key constituency of the venture support community.