A New Funding Vehicle Marking Guayacán’s 20ᵗʰ Anniversary

The Guayacán Endowment Fund allows funders the unique opportunity to directly contribute to Puerto Rico’s sustainable economic development by helping GGI advance its mission of strengthening the local entrepreneurship and risk capital ecosystem. Through this new vehicle, supporters can partner with GGI in order to maximize its impact at a time of great need.

Why Now: A Time to Do More!

Over the past 20 years Guayacán has invested more than $14M into the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. This has been possible through a unique business model, in which management fees from the Guayacán Family of Funds are reinvested into entrepreneurial development efforts in Puerto Rico. These fees represent the majority of GGI’s revenues, and are complemented by grants, sponsorships and registration fees from our programs.

Due to the importance of entrepreneurial development in the road towards Puerto Rico’s economic recovery, these revenues are no longer enough to sustain GGI’s programmatic activities and our plans for the future. In order to continue GGI’s work and to continue to evolve in order to best serve our entrepreneurs and Puerto Rico, GGI must broaden and deepen its base of support.

Meet Our Founding Partners

On September 29ᵗʰ, during Guayacán’s 20ᵗʰ Anniversary Celebration, we officially launched the new Guayacán Endowment Fund. We recognize the organizations and individuals below for their commitment to our inaugural fundraising campaign.









How You Can Contribute

In order to maintain and grow GGI’s impact, the goal is to raise at least $5 million for the Endowment Fund by GGI’s 25ᵗʰ Anniversary in 2021. An Endowment of this size will produce approximately $1 million in five years.


The Endowment Fund has been designed to protect and grow contributions in the long term and its spending policy ensures that funding is used for maximum impact. Proceeds will go directly to GGI’s entrepreneurial development programs, and to developing entrepreneurship and innovation as pillars for sustained economic growth for Puerto Rico.


To learn more, please contact Gabriela Álvarez at galvarez@guayacan.org.