Grupo Guayacán

30 start-ups compete for $100K in seed funding, support

Written by Michelle Kantrow
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Grupo Guayacán Inc. announced Tuesday the names of the 30 semifinalists that will compete for more than $100,000 through its EnterPRize competition, the largest business development competition in Puerto Rico that promotes the creation of companies and offers intense education to budding entrepreneurs who, more than developing an idea, seek to launch and grow successful companies.

“”We live with the constant barrage of negative reviews about Puerto Rico’s economic future. In Guayacán, we focus on the opportunities that the economic times represent, and we hope that this new group of companies is part of our island’s economic development,” said Laura Cantero, executive director of Guayacán.

“A company that establishes itself solidly creates jobs, develops the potential to export their products or services, and contributes to our island’s economic and social value,” she said.

During the month of April, more than 100 teams submitted executive summaries of their respective initiatives that were evaluated by a panel of judges, which narrowed down the group to the 30 most promising propositions.

Competing for the cash and additional prizes are: Arquitectura Audiovisual, Inc., BitDex, Blind Helmet, COA Inc., Daiboken, Electronic Sports Puerto Rico, Expertours Puerto Rico, Farmer’s Paradise,, Glutenfrei, How to Puerto Rico, Join a Join, Kóstum, Mappaleo,, Passion Lover’s, Pharmaway 1.0, Plutus Hand, Private Investment Energy, Quesos Vaca Negra, Inc., RedBlack Posada, Round Triangle Foods, Royalty Live, Salud Social, Semila Agro-Industries, Si-ul, SugarCube, Tierra Alianza Café, Inc., Toma y Dame, and Wonderen’s Foods.

Participants are competing for a grand prize of $20,000 in cash, up to nine $10,000 prizes and a series of special awards granted by different sponsors. Finalists will be announced in August and winners will be unveiled in December.

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