Grupo Guayacán

Industriales Excellence Awards 2015: Executive of the Year, Laura Cantero

Executive of the Year, Metro-West Region, Laura Cantero, Grupo Guayacán’s Executive Director.

Under Cantero’s leadership, Grupo Guayacán has seen one of its best years so far. Her achievements at the firm during 2014 include forming an alliance with the prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology to conduct Puerto Rico I-Corps, a program focused on the commercialization of innovations derived from academic research, providing business training to teachers, students and researchers. Cantero decided to strengthen Guayacán’s focus on providing business education to existing businesses to accelerate their growth and entry into new markets. She recently started the fourth Guayacán Family of Funds, a highly diversified private equity investment vehicle, whose revenue is completely reinvested in Guayacan’s business-development eventss,

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