Join a Join showcases ‘unique and very cool’ vacation spots

Easter and summer are approaching and with them the challenge of finding a place to spend the holidays with the family in a cost-effective or different way.

In come short-term property rentals, through platforms like Join a Join, which have gained popularity during the holiday seasons.

Join a Join is an online, interactive and secure platform that eases the process of searching for vacation properties in Puerto Rico. In this platform, fully equipped properties and attractions are presented to potential clients that adjust to the different budgets of each individual or group.

“Our main objective is to connect owners with tenants or prospective clients, through our platform, while promoting local and international entrepreneurship,” said Mike Leung, co-founder of Join a Join, adding that property owners may list them in the website to generate income.

“The new trend to enjoy [a property] without ownership leads people to believe in this type of business for economic reasons and lifestyles. Our clients have been able to see how convenient and beneficial the portal is,” said Leung.


As originally reported by: News Is My Business