Puerto Rican Companies in the New Guayacán Venture Accelerator Class

Nine Puerto Rican companies make up the 2021 class of the Guayacán Venture Accelerator (GVA), the business development program offered by Grupo Guayacán for established companies that are poised for accelerated growth.

The companies selected for the thirteenth edition of the program operate in a variety of business sectors, including food and beverage, technology solutions, equipment and repairs for industries and buildings, professional care for children with special needs, roof sealing, rescue equipment and rescue equipment protection, distribution and logistics, and architecture and interior design. Altogether, these companies employ more than 700 people in Puerto Rico and have an economic impact that exceeds $62 million in sales.

Representatives from each company have already begun the advanced education curriculum, focused on providing techniques and tools that will boost their business’ growth plans. The program includes 16 workshops and lectures led by a distinguished group of local and international executives, investors and academics.

In addition, the participants receive counsel from a mentor who will guide them with recommendations and consultations throughout the process.

“These companies are known for having a solid track record in Puerto Rico. They are looking to grow and diversify; however, they also want to ensure that they have made the appropriate analysis and plan according to their type of business and target market. The curriculum we offer at the GVA is precisely designed to provide the necessary tools and resources that will foster an innovative mindset and drive participants to design their growth plans in an informed manner,” explained Natalia Arias, program manager.

The companies that make up the group are:

1. Cuatro Sombras, a company dedicated to producing high-quality and 100% local coffee from its farm, Hacienda Santa Clara. They also have coffee shops in Viejo San Juan and Dorado.

2. Industrial Fire Products, a family-owned company that provides specialized vehicles and equipment for firefighters, police, and emergency medical services.

3. Innovare Solutions, is dedicated to developing software that offers high-quality technology solutions, from websites and applications to data migration to the cloud.

4. Islandwide, a 100% Puerto Rican distribution and logistics company that offers services such as packaging, package delivery, and storage services.

5. Pediatric Home Care Services, which provides professional home care to children with chronic conditions or who require intensive, ongoing care from nurses and therapists.

6. Aireko Services & Installations, which plans, builds, and provides maintenance for air conditioning systems and mechanical and electrical projects for commercial, industrial, and institutional establishments.

7. Álvarez-Díaz & Villalón, an architecture and interior design firm driven by the principles of sustainability and social awareness.

8. Danosa Caribbean, which manufactures roof sealing products and distributes solutions for roof construction, maintenance and repair.

9. Dui Ecosolutions, which provides rental and cleaning/disinfecting services for personal protective equipment such as coveralls, uniforms, shoe covers, and protective helmets.

The program concludes with the GVA Showcase, an event in which the companies present their growth plans to a panel of investors, financial entities and business experts who can support them in the implementation of their plans. The GVA is supported by collaborators and sponsors including Popular, Fuller Group, MCS Foundation, and the Department of Economic Development and Commerce of Puerto Rico.

To view class updates during their participation in the Guayacán Venture Accelerator, the public can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Companies interested in applying can visit https://www.guayacan.org/ or write to info@guayacan.org.

As originally reported by: The Weekly Journal