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CEGsoft Seeks Growth Outside of Puerto Rico

The local tech firm capitalizes on new software
By Yalixa Rivera Cruz
Puerto Rico Business Insights – El Nuevo Día

Established in Puerto Rico 20 years ago, until now CEGsoft has been solely known as a developer of accounting software, aimed at facilitating the tax management and compliance of companies or individuals.

However, Jorge Nazario, president and founder of CEGsoft, revealed that just over a year ago the corporation ventured into other areas of the business, this time creating case-management solutions that help companies keep track of their operations and tasks –like for example, the receipt of physical or digital correspondence–, with the vision of expanding its offer and exporting its services.

This new product is called and it is supported by Microsoft Cloud and offered under the Azure platform.

“This is a company that is reinventing itself with the help of the Microsoft Jumpstart program. CEGsoft has a great record with us, regarding its other tax solutions. With Followit, now the company enters into a new global stage where any client, located in any part of the world, can use it and try it for the benefit of his or her own company,” explained Yamile Morales, Chief of Innovation at Microsoft.

According to Nazario, originally, Followit emerged from their own clients’ needs to maintain and keep a precise record of the correspondence they received. “It was initially a government client who asked us to come up with a solution that would facilitate the management of the high volume correspondence it received. They wanted to respond quickly and follow up on people’s requests,” he stated.

The businessman explained that this first stage of the solution software turned out to be strenuous and complex, due to the fact that clients needed infrastructure, along the lines of computers, physical servers, and a dedicated personnel. Everything changed under the updated version, available on “Since all services are now on the cloud, the client will need to invest on nothing more than a modem and Internet connection,” explained Nazario.

The speaker indicated that it took about a year to develop the product, as well as an investment of about $250,000. With the new software, the company expects to generate $5 million in five years.

The insurance company Triple S is one of the companies that adopted the technology to keep track of its providers’ calls. Nazario stated that they began with 150 licenses, and today, they have 300.

One of the biggest benefits of this solution is that it registers each correspondence, task, or call that is received, and it follows up as necessary until it reaches its final destination or resolution; once this happens, the system closes the case. Consequently, it is possible to know who received the correspondence –if that is case–, if it was opened, and if it got the proper attention.

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