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Grupo Guayacán Presents “The Power of Angel Investing”

Renowned investor Troy Knauss, from the Angel Resource Institute, held worshops in Puerto Rico over the weekend

By Puerto Rico Business Insights Staff from El Nuevo Día

During this past weekend, Grupo Guayacán presented successful sessions of capacity building workshops for angel investors offered by Troy Knauss, Vice President of the Board of Trustees of the Angel Resource Institute (ARI).

The workshops are part of The Power of Angel Investing, a program presented by ARI and the Kauffman Foundation. Angel Investing Overview, an introductory course, was offered on Friday covering the fundamentals of the practice of angel investing. Some of the topics include: is angel investing right for you?, angel portfolio strategy, how to structure angel deals, valuation of early stage companies, and the post-investment relationship.

On Saturday, Knauss offered an intensive course on due diligence, valuation, and term sheets. The event, sponsored by Grupo Guayacán and Echar Pa’Lante, took place at the Popular Center in Hato Rey and was attended by a significant group of investors, aspiring angels, entrepreneurs, and service providers.

The presentation is part of Guayacán’s efforts to build a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in Puerto Rico, complemented by a robust private equity market.

“At Guayacán, we are proud to offer the high quality content offered by the Angel Resource Institute and the vast experience of instructor Troy Knauss. Promoting investment in early stage companies is critical to the development of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and driving the growth of global businesses from Puerto Rico. It’s also vital that we engage experienced leaders who can provide capital beyond the financial, including intellectual capital, expertise, mentoring, and relationships with potential clients,” said Laura Cantero, Executive Director of Grupo Guayacán.

Knauss brings more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in startup, growth, and family businesses. Troy also collaborates with a number of angel funds and networks and is an active investor in multiple companies. “I am excited to say that during this second visit to Puerto Rico I have witnessed a significant increase in interest and energy around building a strong local angel investing community to support the growth and development of early stage entrepreneurs. While this ecosystem is still at a nascent stage, it’s certainly encouraging to see the pieces of a vibrant ecosystem starting to come together,” said Troy Knauss.

Over 60 investors, professionals and entrepreneurs attended the weekend’s sessions. Members of Ausubo Ventures, Puerto Rico’s first formal angel investing group were also present at the workshops.

“In Puerto Rico we need a much greater number of angel investors. Events like these are critical because they promote the necessary education for building and developing this growing community in Puerto Rico. As member of Ausubo Ventures, I’m happy to see a growing interest in this field”.

ARI is a non-profit organization founded in 2006 as part of the Kauffman Foundation’s efforts to promote and support angel investing. To further its mission, ARI offers education, mentoring, and research about early stage investing and has offered more than 300 programs in 16 countries and 38 states around the US.

The programs presented this weekend are part of ARI’s educational efforts for current and potential angels. These programs are rooted in Kauffman’s exclusive content in addition to the collective experience and best practices from thousands of individual investors and angel groups who are members of the Angel Capital Association.

For more information regarding Grupo Guayacán programs, including future collaborations with the Angel Resource Institute, visit:

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